Working Women- Balancing Work and Home

Are you a woman who works outside of the home?  If so, you know the challanges of balancing work and home!

Each morning I get up and stare at my iPhone while my alarm is going off.  I’ve written an unpleasant alarm message to try to encourage me to get out of bed in the morning, but I won’t lie, I LOVE the snooze button.  Once I am out of bed (I am SOOOO not a morning person) I stumble into the bathroom, handle my business and hop in the shower.  Once I am out of the shower it’s the usual morning drill, try to tame the curls, if I am feeling froggy I’ll slap on some make up, although most days I avoid it because it simply dissolves in the heat.  I get dressed, grab my lunch, my purse, my Big Bubba mug of tea, a glass of iced coffee and hop into the car.

Then, I begin the 30 minute commute to work.  I usually chat with my friend Tammy while I am driving for a daily catch up- it helps pass the time and somewhat keeps me from road rage, plus she’s awesome.  I get to work, plunk myself in my chair, clock in and start a full working day.  I’m an insurance agent, so I spend a lot of time talking with people and generally staying pretty busy.  Lunch from 12-1 finish up at 5.  Then I start the 30 minute drive home again.

I usually spend my drive home listening to a podcast, Dave Ramsey or Content Warfare, which is a GEM of a podcast if you are working on branding and marketing a blog.  Seriously, listen to it.  Then I get home and my husband usually has dinner ready, he is off earlier in the day than I am, and we eat and catch up on the day.  Then it’s house cleaning time/chores , blogging time, brainstorming, playing with the pets, keeping our finances in line, grocery shopping and the multitude of other things I need to get accomplished in a day…just to start over and do it all again the next day.

I’ve discovered why a lot of blogs simply don’t resonate with me.  Here it comes…ready?

I can’t relate to Stay at Home Moms and their poo problems, and a Stay at Home Mom doesn’t really understand why I come home sweating and ticked off because the AC is out in my car after a 30 minute commute in 98 degree weather.  (Frugal living for the win!!!) I can’t relate to a toddler who suddenly doesn’t want to take a nap, is teething, dumping Cheerios when your back is turned or anything else that would give me an OCD chronic eye twitch, and a SAHM can’t relate to me trying to figure out every single day how I can accomplish the most productive tasks for my home in the 4 hours I have left between arriving home and before I have to go to bed again.

It’s certainly not to say that I don’t respect and admire SAHMs or that I think either one of us have it better or worse than the other.  It’s just that we’re different and unfortunately, I feel like there is a BIG gap in blogging land between women who work outside of the home for a career and women who work inside of the home for a career.

I want to see more women who work outside of the home speak up and say “THIS is how “I” manage  This is how we do it.  This is why I am a STAR in my house!  This is the answer!”

I’m hoping that I can help with that answer here and I am beyond excited to add the new section, Working Women, to this blog!  I have also added 2 new group boards to my Pinterest page, 20 Minutes or Less Prep Time Cooking and Working Women.  If you would like to contribute to those boards, please follow the instructions on Pinterest!

Are you a woman who works outside of the home?  What is your biggest time-saving tip for keeping your house in order?  TELL ME!!!

Are you a Stay At Home Mom?  What is YOUR day like?  TELL ME!