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I’m being a blogger slacker. But WAIT!!!!! There is a GOOD reason!

Ahhh, my few, yet faithful readers.  I have been a total slacker lately when it comes to posting.  My name isn’t Lucy, but I feel like I have some explaining to do.

My amazing brother and sister-in-law are building a home.  Their current home finally sold…2 months shy of completion of their new home.  So, as of tomorrow, we have roomies.  I am perfectly happy and excited to have them here.  It does mean that there will be 4 adults, 4 dogs, a cat, a kitten and an African Grey Parrott in my home, but hey, the more the merrier right?  My husband and I have been joking around and taking bets on how long it will take the bird to learn to say “Damn it Nox (the kitten), GET DOWN” as he has taken to parking his tiny furry hiney in the middle of my kitchen table and in this house, that is unacceptable kitty behavior.  No tables, no counters.  Anything else is ok!

Anyway, my work horse of a sister-in-law has been in and out bringing my house back up to non embarrassing standards because, quite frankly, she didn’t want to live in the mess.  I don’t blame her.  Needless to say, the Get Off Your Booty and Clean Challenge has not been neglected, it has just been so far exceeded, it’s not really fair to post what was accomplished because it certainly wasn’t done in 20 minutes.  My bedroom and closet still need some work though, well, even more work now that my bedroom has once again become the dumping ground for all the stray junk in the house.

Needless to say, it’s busy around this place.  I have a lot on my plate right now, and I really want to do a great job here, so I’ve been slacking.  However, there is a big bright side to all of this, well several actually:

1. My house is actually presentable again.  I wouldn’t be mortified if one of you knocked on my door and wanted to come in.

2.  My lack of writing lately has led me to some major conclusions on the direction I want to take this blog.  I am officially going to be self hosted beginning in July.  Well, earlier, but I need to pull it together first.

You might be wondering what that means.   It means I will have a lot more freedom when it comes to the design and layout of the blog.  You might see huge changes, you might not.  SURPRISE! 😀  It also means I will keep some topics and add a few new ones.  I HAVE to share, that I am very excited to launch a section on the blog for women who work outside of the home including a few group Pinterest boards so we can all help each other out!

Ok, everything else, I am keeping secret until the big “relaunch”.  The blog will still be here, but there will come a time in the near future when it looks wonky while I get it all set up again.  I ask for your patience.

Last, if you want to make sure you do NOT miss the relaunch and you don’t want to miss all of the new content, please grab your mouse right now, scroll to the right side of the screen and click to follow me on Facebook!



How to Trim Your Dog or Cats Toenails

Owning a pet certainly has wonderful benefits and joys like nothing else.  But pets also require a certain level of care in order to stay healthy and happy.  Grooming is a big part of this care and clipping toenails is an important and necessary part of the care! Even though this post uses dogs as an example, this tutorial also works for cats!

Are you too scared to trim your pets nails?  This easy tutorial shows you what supplies to use and how to do it!

Many pet owners are intimidated by clipping nails!  It’s a relatively easy process, but does require you to be careful and patient.  I am going to use my dog, Pip, for this example.

Jack Russell/Rat Terrier Mix, Pip.  You must have permission to use this photo.

He has some pink and white nails, so it’s easier to see what I am discussing.

If you have never clipped nails before I recommend the following:

Nail Clippers- Heavy duty clippers that look like this:

Are you too scared to trim your pets nails?  This easy tutorial shows you what supplies to use and how to do it!

They are available anywhere, but Petco has them for a good price.  I do NOT recommend the guillotine type clippers.  Trimming nails needs to be finished quickly and efficiently, and the guillotine require extreme care when lining them up.  Additionally, dogs who do not like having nail trims tend to yank their feet away, so it constantly pulls them out of the clippers.  You have less control this way, in my opinion!

Kwik Stop– This is a product you can use to stop bleeding if you cut the nail too short.  It works on dogs, cats, and birds, and yes, I have personally used it on all 3.

Dremmel type tool with a sander on it.  It doesn’t have to be specific to animal use.  This is especially nice if you have hardwood floors or if your pet gets really sharp edges on their nails.  It will sand nails smooth and keeps your floors and body from getting scratched up!  If your dog will allow it, you will also be able to get closer to the quick!

A dogs nail has a vein running through the nail called a quick.  It is similar to a cuticle on a human.  When you trim their nails, your goal should be to trim as close to the quick as possible without actually snipping the quick.  (Same with cats, but I am going to reference dogs through the post)

Are you too scared to trim your pets nails?  This easy tutorial shows you what supplies to use and how to do it!

Your goal when trimming is to snip as much as possible, as close to the quick as possible, as fast as possible along a line like this:

Are you too scared to trim your pets nails?  This easy tutorial shows you what supplies to use and how to do it!

You need to get your dog in to a comfortable position.  If someone can help you hold the pet that’s even better!

Next, you will need to firmly, grasp the paw and push on the bottom of the foot pad for the nail you want to trim.  This will make the nail extend.

Line up your clippers just in front of the quick and quickly press down on the clippers.  The nail should immediately snap off.

Are you too scared to trim your pets nails?  This easy tutorial shows you what supplies to use and how to do it!

Bigger dogs have thicker nails, so be prepared to really squeeze those clippers!  If your dogs are big pansies like my dog, Meg, she will holler and be a drama queen about it.  DO NOT GET SUCKERED BY THIS!  If there is no BLOOD, they are OK!!!

Make sure to also trim the dew claw if they have one.  It’s kind of like a doggie thumb! I have seen this nail grow into the pad of the foot when it’s missed too often in trims, so it’s important to watch for it!


Do you trim your pets nails?  Tell me how that works for you!  Do you have more questions?  Ask me below!




The 20 Minute Get Off Your Booty and Clean Challenge- Week 1 Results!

Week 1 results of the 20 MInute Get Off Your Booty and Clean Challenge on Mendedwheels.com

Week 1 is done!  WOOHOO!  It’s been an interesting week!

We had two lovely ladies sign up for this challenge:


Tammy Profile

and Millie


These are both wonderful women who I happen to know outside of blogging.  All 3 of us are at different stages in our lives, so it’s interesting to me to see that we are all struggling with the same issue!

This week I decided to start on bedrooms!  For me, the reason was simple:  There is laundry all over my kitchen table.  I couldn’t even get in to my closet to hang up clothes.  It was out of control, so if I wanted to hang up clothes, I had to clean the closet!  OK, these photos are the honest truth of what it looked like as before and after!  Keep in mind, there was a reason I needed to clean!  YUCK!

The before shot!

Day 1 Before Front Shot

Day 1 After

At the end of Day 1 I could see the majority of the floor and hung up almost all the clean clothes in that basket!  There are still a few very heavy items in there that I cannot lift.  I have to get the hubs to help with those and he is sick right now!  I was sweaty and in pain when this was over.  I HURT, but I did it!

Day 2

Day 2 After!

Ok, so we have a lot of dang books.  A LOT.  I found some extra shelves in the closet that I didn’t know I had, go figure, but I can’t find the brackets.  I’m going to try to find some so I can add an extra 2 shelves back in.  We also have a smaller bookshelf in another room, so some books will go to that and the others will be donated.  We read a lot, so these are books we will read repeatedly.  Although, it’s fair to say, my husband will not be reading Twilight! 😀  This project was 39 minutes and I don’t hurt!  I removed the extra books, placed all of the books in numerical order for the series, because I am OCD like that, and dusted them all off.  Now, I need my Neti Pot!

Day 3

Not gonna lie.  I put my feet up tonight and enjoyed a lengthy chat with my sister-in-law.  She and my brother will be living with us for a few months while their house is completed.  My dogs are excited that their “friends” will be here.  I lost track of time and noticed it was 11:30pm before we hung up…so yeah, not gonna happen tonight!

Day 4

I’m going to count cleaning up my budget and working on bills as cleaning!  It needed to be done and it took A LOT longer than 20 minutes!

Day 5

Not a single thing finished.  Nothing.  Zip ZERO.  Not from me anyway, my hubby cleaned off the bar in our kitchen and the table!  WOOHOO!  I have surfaces!

Day 6

Nothing in preparation for tomorrow…

Day 7

Cleaned a vent in the bathroom

Cleaned the kitchen sink

Swept the front porch (It’s been raining left and right here and there was a mess on the porch!)

Dirty Porch

Clean Porch

Cleaned out the spare bedroom because we are going to have my brother and sister-in-law as guests for a few months while we wait on their house to be completed.  Those photos are a secret! 😀

Annnnnnnnnnnd I’m sore!

Tammy is one of my dearest best friends.  She is a breast cancer survivor and an all around awesome person.  She also just had to have surgery on her neck.  While she is usually at home during the day, the surgery and her lifting restrictions (5 lbs TOTAL) have put her really behind on housekeeping.  She almost didn’t send me photos because she was embarrassed over her progress, but she is less than 8 weeks out from surgery, so doing anything is awesome!

Look at that pile of laundry!

Tammy Bedroom 1


Tammy Laundry

She also dusted all of her books down and put them in alphabetical order by author.

Tammy Books

Millie worked on her bedroom as well!

Millie Dirty Bedroom 1

Mille Bedroom 3 After

Mille Bedroom 1

Millie Bedroom 2

Millie Closet 3

Millie Closet 1

Great job ladies!  I can’t wait to see what we all come up with this week!



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Weekend Updates

I haven’t forgotten about about the cleaning challenge.  You’ll understand more when you see it as to why it’s taken so long!  Hopefully, it will be up in the weee hours of the morning Monday.

On a side note.  If you are visiting this blog and signing up to be a subscriber, as many of you have been doing lately, I would STRONGLY advise you like my Facebook or Pinterest page.  I am going to be self hosted by the end of the month, and a friend of mine who just swapped over lost ALL of her subscribers!  You can also just add Mendedwheels.com to your Favorite page in your browser if you want to make sure you don’t miss the swap over!

Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait for you guys to see the upcoming cleaning post!  It’s insane!

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When Should You Take “Full Coverage” Off of Your Car?

The Great Auto Insurance debate!  Let me start it by addressing one of my pet peeves as an agent.  There is no such thing as “FULL COVERAGE”.  Generally when people use the term full coverage, they are asking for either A) Comprehensive coverage and Collision coverage or B) Everything the company offers for auto insurance.  However, let’s use this example:

You have these limits, as they are GENERALLY the highest an auto company offers:

$500,000 bodily injury per person

$1,000,000 per accident

$500,000 Property Damage

Then you and I have an accident and it’s your fault.  Let’s just say you killed a family member in my vehicle.  I decide to sue you for $1,000,000.  Do you have “full coverage”?  NO!  You only have $500,000 per person!  So, I am going to sue you personally for the other $500,000.  The difference can be covered by an Umbrella, but that’s another post!

Ok, pet peeve cleared up!  On to the real question.

Having trouble deciding whether or not to take off "full coverage"?  If so, this post is a MUST READ!  Tips from an agent!

As an insurance agent, I frequently hear the question “Should I take full coverage off of my car?” There are a lot of factors that go in to this decision and a lot of basic questions can make this decision much easier.  I want to quickly explain the common coverage that people refer to when asking this question.

Comprehensive or Other Than Collision

This covers almost anything that happens to your vehicle that is not YOUR fault.  A tree falls on it, broken glass, THEFT, and hail damage are all part of comprehensive coverage.  It even covers damage from pets and animals- like squirrels chewing up the wiring on the underside of a truck.


Covers repairs to YOUR vehicle when you have an accident that is YOUR FAULT.

If you were my client this is what I would ask you if you wanted help deciding whether or not to remove those coverages:

1.  Do you still have car payments and if so, does the lender require you to have the coverage?

If this is the case, then NO, you don’t want to remove the coverage!

2.  Do you know the value of your car?

Kelly Blue Book will easily let you check the value of your car.  This is important:  If the value of your car is MORE than the cost of your premium and deductibles then keep the coverage!  Insurance is supposed to return you to the state you were in before your property was damaged.  If you remove those coverages and have an at fault accident, you’re going to lose money.

3.  Do you have the money to replace your vehicle?

Some people don’t mind financing new vehicles, and that’s fine and your business.  However, other people like to pay cash for replacement vehicles.  If you pay cash, and you don’t have the cash on hand to replace your vehicle, then keep the coverage!

After reading this you might be thinking “Ok fine, but now how do I save money on insurance?”  I wrote about this very topic months ago, but I do have another few tricks up my sleeve.

If your car is paid off, and you have a good track record of NOT being the cause of an accident, you can remove Collision coverage and keep Comprehensive with most companies.  You would still be at a loss if you caused an accident, but aside from that your vehicle is covered for theft, squirrels, fires, flood, etc.  Collision is the majority of the cost for your auto insurance.  Using myself as an example, I have not caused a traffic accident since I was 18 years old.  18 years later, I would say I am a pretty darn good candidate to remove Collision coverage from my vehicle.

As always, check with your own agent regarding your laws in your state before making any changes, but I hope this helps you make a wise decision!

Did you ever regret removing comprehensive or collision coverage from your insurance policy?  Tell me about it!