Repotting my 35 year old philodendron

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I have a 35 year old plant.  I know it’s 35 years old because it was given to my mom when I was born.  My mother doesn’t visit often, but when she does, at some point in the conversation she will tell me to water my plant.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Ok, so this time I did let it get a bit out of hand.  At a whopping height of 5’4 it’s a little difficult for me to water it when it’s over my head by more than 1 1/2 feet.

On a  bright note, Philodendron are incredibly resilient plants.  If you’re new to having plants in your home, this is pretty much the Idiot’s Guide plant.  When it gets droopy you give it water.  You cannot over water it and it doesn’t need good drainage.  It just needs some sunlight and water.  That’s it.  My favorite trait of the plant is how easy it is to root and pot again to another plant.  I can’t tell you how many times I have trimmed this plant, rooted it and placed it in with other arrangements for Mother’s Day or baby gifts.  Kinda cool to be able to give your baby plant to a new baby!

Unedited Blog Photos 012

To begin the repotting process, start pulling off the dead leaves and stems.

Unedited Blog Photos 014

Some of those stems were ok, but I had SO many after trimming them down I was able to just toss a few of the less than perfect stems.  Speaking of trimming…

Unedited Blog Photos 009

You always want to trim the plant below a leaf and leave enough room to stick it in water or into the soil between the bottom leaf and the end of the stem.

Unedited Blog Photos 016

I stuck them in water while I was working, but you don’t have to.  However, if you were going to root the plants into another pot, leaving them like this for a week or so should get them ready.

Unedited Blog Photos 013

Then, you pull everything out of the pot.  You can tug on left over stems and they come out rather easy.  Again, not much you can do to kill this plant, so even if the roots rip off it’s not a big deal.

Unedited Blog Photos 017

Stir your dirt.  Normally, I would do this outside, but it snowed and I hate cold.  The kitchen sink won.  Make sure you break up the current dirt in your pot.  It will have packed down into a tight layer over time and with watering.  Just dig in and break it up.  I add new potting soil at this point and mix it all together.

Unedited Blog Photos 020

Then, I put as much water as possible into the pot and let it sit to settle for about 15 minutes.

Unedited Blog Photos 021

Then I layer the longer pieces along the outside of the pot.  They are the pieces that will grow fast and dangle down.

Unedited Blog Photos 024

Then I fill in the middle section with the stem pieces.  No one will see these if you have the plant hanging.

Unedited Blog Photos 022

That’s it.  Just make sure you keep it watered really well over the next few weeks while it roots again, especially with heaters running in the house.  If a few pieces die off, it’s not a big deal.  Just trim some of the new growth off and stick it back in the planter.  Rotate the plant in the light occasionally and enjoy it for 35 years or more to come.


Unedited Blog Photos 028

15 minutes after you rehang the plant you hear a SNAP and a SPLASH and find this in your kitchen floor.  Now my plant looks like this again:

Unedited Blog Photos 016


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