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10 Things I’ve Learned From Facebook Quizzes

1. I would be a good enough President to end up on the side of Mount Rushmore. That’s not to intimidate you, more to make you realize you should stand when I enter a room.

2. I’m like a Corgi. Well, I do have short legs and shed a lot of hair.

3. If I was Johnny Depp, I would have been Gilbert Grape. I’m ok with this, I love that movie.

4. I’m the shrimp character from the Muppets. This is interesting because I had no clue who that was, but when the hubs and I went to a movie the other day at a Cinemark theater, he was in an advertisement for turning off your cell phones. I agree with this. Text in a movie…I DARE YOU.

5. I’m Lily Aldrin from How I Met You Mother. You son of a BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH.

6. I’m A.J. from Empire Records. It’s probably true given that I think gluing quarters to a floor is a hilarious prank.

7. I’m Maggie from The Walking Dead. Sassy, Southern and dedicated to her man during a zombie apocalypse. Totally. I would also smash an egg on his head for being a doofus. Although, I would never be OK with walkers in a barn. EVER.

8. I belong in the State of Ohio and the city of Portland. NO, NO and NO. Evil cold and snow in Ohio and constant rain in Portland. Hello! I have curly hair. Not going to happen. EVER.

9. I’m Rachel from Friends. Must be the awesome hair gene.

10. I’m Riker from Star Trek Generations, Nightcrawler from X-Men and a slew of other badass Sci-Fi Characters. I’m a butt kicking geek at heart.


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9 Days- Vacation Countdown

The Swan

It’s been almost 4 years since I took one of my favorite photos in Scotland -Four years since my last vacation.

I’ve spent the last few days relaxing a bit because I was stressing myself out over things I want to get finished before vacation, but I need to get back on the ball.  I want this house as clean as possible so when I am on my stay-cation I can relax.  I really need the time to reflect and make some decisions, tinker with hobbies and relax.

However, there are also some things I need to handle during business hours and it will be helpful to get those done while I am on vacation.  They’re small things like moving a retirement account from an old job into an IRA and making a few phone calls etc.  As crazy as it might sound I feel like I need to schedule specific blocks of time out of my day for those things while I am off.

I also feel like I need to try to schedule some time to sew up a few quick skirts since my wardrobe is looking a bit pathetic these days.  I need some new clothes and I have material lying around, so it’s a good idea to get to work on a few of those things.

There is also a sump pump line that needs to be reburied in the yard, but honestly that will depend on if my hubby is working full-time at that point.  It’s not that I can’t do it myself, it’s just likely I’ll hurt my back if I try to do it all alone.  Things to ponder…

When you stay at home on vacation, do you work or play?  A bit of both?


My First Jelly Roll Quilt Top

Jelly Roll Quilt

I am learning to sew.  Slowly.

I also thought that there is a chance I could make some quilts or crafted items for Christmas presents in 2014.  Yes, I know I am planning way ahead, but when you’re crafting you can’t really wait until the last-minute.  I purchased 3 jelly roll quilting bundles at Joann’s after Christmas when they were on clearance for 50% off.  WOOOHOO.  I figure a $6.00 investment wasn’t too bad for a learning tool.  The packs had 20 strips in them and it made a lap sized quilt.  This was a nature and neutral inspired pattern, and I am not fond overly fond of the treebark pattern as I feel it looks more like camo.  After this experience I have also decided that when I make the next one I will split the colors up more instead of pulling the colors directly off of the roll as per the instructions from the other tutorials I have read.

Every website where I researched these quilts made them out to be the most simple quilt on the planet.  I’m sure they are to someone who sews regularly.  Although it wasn’t “difficult” there were some issues that I wasn’t warned about on any other website.  It’s also very difficult to find a good description on how to do vertical patterns.  I figured it out, but I would have had a lot more confidence with a better description.  When I do a full tutorial (probably while I am on vacation), I’ll address those issues.  All in all, I found I liked the process and am inspired to try again and to try more difficult quilts.

My friend, Tammy, and I also discovered my sewing machine is not likely marked in the correct places for seam allowances.  That would explain some sewing snafus I have had along the way.



I guess I am trying to declutter everything at once because I am working on the blog too. It was just a bit messy and it’s giving me an excuse to play in Photoshop and learn the settings a bit better on WordPress.

Do you think the banner is a little too simple? I’m trying to get ready for spring.

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One Day at a Time- My Failure at Keeping a “Perfect” home

Clean Room

I can’t tell you how long it has been since our sitting room has been this clean.  Before my now husband came over to visit the first time, I completely redecorated the sitting room with the help of one of my best friends.  Man, we were proud of that sucker.  We painted like fiends, shampooed carpets, I bought new furniture, found the perfect area rug and curtains to match.  Everything was photo perfect.

In my teens I was an absolute neat freak.  It was insane how much of a neat freak I was.  I was so obsessed I knew it if one of my siblings had come into my room and sat on the bed.  In a chaotic household of 5 kids as a blended family I think it was the only thing I felt I had control over in my life.  I could retreat to my sanctuary without the dishes other kids left laying around, and relax in the cleanliness and calm of my own sanctuary.

Fast forward a few years and I lived with a roommate at college who was so messy you had to climb over clothes to answer the phone.  My first husband was hands down the messiest person I have ever lived with.  I felt like a rat in a wheel constantly trying to clean up until I snapped and gave up.  I actually went on a 1 year strike and didn’t do a single damn thing.  I didn’t cook or clean…well, if I am being completely honest every 2-3 months I would snap and clean a bit, but overall I did NOTHING.  I was sick of the fights about the house being a mess and sick of begging for help, even just putting his own dishes into the kitchen was apparently too much work.  On occasion I would turn into a cabinet slamming tyrant who threw a fit until cleaning happened, but I did not like myself that way.

A few years later I lived with the friend who helped me redecorate.  When she and I lived together the house stayed fairly clean.  She did a lot of it while I was at work, and I did the heavy lifting she was unable to handle due to breast cancer recovery.  Then more boys came.  BOYS.  MEN.  UGH.  There is a room in my house that 2 years later STILL smells like FEET.  I’ve aired it out, I’ve used air freshener, I’ve hand scrubbed the walls and tried everything humanly possible to get the smell out, but I am fairly certain that removing the carpet and repainting is the only thing that’s going to make it better.  I asked for help then too.  I couldn’t maintain the general cleanliness in the house, and handle the all of the outside work too.  I’m also allergic to everything outside, so a day of mowing means 3 days of allergy crud when I finish.  They simply wouldn’t help unless more cabinet slamming happened.  Again, this was a side of myself I DO NOT LIKE.

Over time I gained weight and suffered a nasty back sprain -cleaning HURT.  I don’t think it’s possible to completely understand how something as simple as running a vacuum over the carpet can cause extreme pain.  A chore that takes a normal person 10 minutes, takes me 30.  My husband is excellent at chipping in when I ask for help, but lacks the initiative on his own to deep clean to my insane standards.  To completely give him his due credit, he does most of the cooking in the home and keeps the dishes caught up…with the exception of the tupperware pile on the kitchen counter.  What’s up with that babe? (he reads and comments…teeeeheeeeeee)

But, I am a pain in the butt when it comes to my cleaning expectations.  I really probably should find out if I have OCD or not…lol.  I am very critical of the things in my home that are not cleaned to my standards, and it somewhere along the line it caused a huge flaw in me.  I became paralyzed and overwhelmed by the chores that needed to be done in the house.  All I could see was the absolute nastiness and I would start calculating the math in my head.  I knew that cleaning the kitchen was going to take me 5 hours to get it to my standard.  I also knew it was going to be a mess again in about 3 days.  I made some half-hearted attempts, and did what I could, but I couldn’t keep it that way.

I started hating my home.  I hated walking in the front door because I knew it would be a wreck.  I glared at one of the cats daily for having the nerve to leave hair on the couch, and worse, for peeing constantly on my beautiful rug.  (That HEIFER is a whole different story.)  I would see the tumbleweeds of dog hair rolling down the hall and become furious because I knew it was going to take 2 hours to sweep.  I spent my time blaming everyone else because I developed bad habits.  I didn’t understand how every other person had a clean house when mine was a constant wreck.

This year I decided to blame myself and make a change.  Oh, it still hurts.  My back is on fire, but with the help of my husband that room is one that is now clean.  I’ll move to the next one soon.  I’m hoping to have the house clean enough so that when I take my vacation I can relax more than I work.    One room down and many hours to go!

Vacation Countdown:  18 days