Dogs 065  

One week ago today I let go of my best friend. 

She was mine.  MY first pet as an adult.  These are the things I want to make sure I never forget:

Out of all the puppies I saw when I picked her out, she was the only one who would not come to us immediately.  I had to catch her.  She was being cautious and I knew then she was smart.

She was 5 weeks old and her body length was the same as my thigh length.

She almost died of worms that I didn’t know she had because she “was wormed” when I got her.  I had to give her IV fluids myself at home every 2 hours because I couldn’t afford to leave her at the vet.

She learned to sit in 5 minutes.

She used to race me to the smoking chair so she could sit in it.  I sat on her 9,286 times because she beat me.

She would gather all of my dirty underwear out of the laundry, my gorilla houseshoes, and all her toys then put them in a pile on my bed and lay on them while I was at work.

Thanksgiving and Cats 091

She was a complete and total pain in the ass to housebreak, but it was because of my work schedule.

She had a case of massive diarrhea the one and only time I had a one night stand…that is what we woke up to.  No more one night stands.

The gate on our house when she was a puppy sucked, so she jumped in and out of my bedroom window to go outside.

I had a two seater car and she went with me everywhere in the passenger side.  When one of my roommates went with us somewhere, we could NOT make her get in the backseat.  (She weighed 75 lbs already)  My roommate had to sit there instead.

She was a bed hog.

She snored.

She had bad enough gas to gag a sewer worker.

The one and only time I ever cussed at my father was over Ontaria. (long story)

It snowed 1.5 feet here once and she loved to play chase.  I threw her spiked barbell toy out in the snow.  She had to dig it out and when she came up, there were two massive snowballs hanging on each side of the barbell.  Hilarious.

Sneak Attack

An electric technician was working in our backyard one day while she was forced to be on a chain.  I saw him raise a shovel to take a swing at her (for BARKING and nothing else).  I have NEVER cussed someone like I cussed that man that day.  I am pretty sure I threatened to kill him if he thought about touching her.

She inherited a “Dad” and his family.  Two of my nephews used to sleep on her and watch TV when they were younger.

She inherited Sydney and Mater.  She loved Syndey and tolerated Mater.

Ontaria 063

She always comforted me when I was upset.  I can’t tell you how many times I cuddled with her when I cried.

I nicknamed her pumpkin nose cause it was huge.

Moon and pets 078

She got a tumor on her neck that I had removed.

When I got divorced she dumped the trash for about 6 weeks nearly every day.

She turned into a traitor when I got roommates and we would fight over who she was going to give her kisses to.

She would pull an “ostrich” act and tuck her head under my arms or boobs when she wanted me to pet her.

It started getting hard for her to get up and she fell on occassion.

I sat around for a long time trying to decide when it was time to let go and waited for something to happen to let me know to let her go.  I knew she wouldn’t leave me.  She was always there, my constant companion and best friend.  She was with me for 13 years, and right before my 32nd birthday I found another tumor…a big one.

I knew then it was time to let go.  To let my friend go have the peace she deserved after being there loyally for me for the majority of my adult life.

I can’t sleep because it is too quiet in my room now without her snoring.

I cried when I bought dog food today.

July 19, 2010- The hardest day of my life.

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