The “news”. What a lie.


I remember September 11th 2001 like it was yesterday.  I worked at a cable television company and handled the customers at the front counter.  There was a television right near my work area that we used to check channels for our local customer to see if issues were at the home of the customer or a problem coming from our broadcast.  This television was on all 8 hours that we were in the office.

I remember someone coming in to work and asking us if we knew that a plane crashed into the Pentagon.  I remember my jaw hitting the floor, and changing the channel to the news.  I watched in horror as the second plane crashed into the towers.  I watched people make a choice to jump out of a burning building to their deaths rather than die in a fire.  Weeks and weeks I was forced to have the news in my face day after day as the news reported stories about heroes.  I watched them report about survivors found, the clean up, the way it affected everyone in America.  What I didn’t think about was how it effected me.

When I realized a few years later that those experiences for me were negative, I stopped watching the news.  I read it online occasionally, but as far as I am concerned, it was far too much for me to deal with.  The news didn’t report happy things, they reported what sold a story with no thought or regard to the people it effected.  I thought when I walked away from the news that it would never affect me again.  Boy was I wrong.

My place of employment has recently been attacked in the local and national news.  Of course I cannot go into details here, and won’t, but I am absolutely sickened by the way America has read what is reported and the barrage of ill treatment our company has received due to these news reports.  The phone calls and emails people have sent to us in regards to the issue are absolutely absurd.  We’ve received threats such as “Just you wait!  You’ll get yours soon!!!” and of course the company is no less than satan in the eyes of the public.  There is a kicker though.  Are you ready for this?  Are you sure?

No national news organization has contacted our office.  Not one.  Not one reporter has walked into our office and asked for an interview.  Not one.  These news agencies have been in Arkansas to “get the story” yet all they tried to do was get the story that would sell.  They didn’t ask for the truth.  They asked for a one sided story and that alone is what they reported.

A coworker of mine has been attacked on a personal level in ways no one should ever have to deal with at their job.  She has been personally attacked and the most horrendous comments have been made on blogs across the country about her.  She is terrified that some lunatic will hunt her down and harm her or her family and lives in fear because let’s face it…Crazy people have done more for less.  She has seen her name on the national news time and time again and is being painted as a horrible person.  I am sickened by this treatment.  This woman is nothing less than a sweet woman who knows her job and does it well.  She has children and a family she goes home to at night.

I realized from this that I will honestly do my best to take everything said in the news as a half truth. There is always more to the REAL story than what the news reports.  There is always another side to the story.  I throughly believe the news reports the most evil side of things in order to sell stories, and quite frankly never care to see the news “reported” again.  They’re not reporting, they’re marketing.  They’re making money and their doing it at the expense of the privacy and safety of American citizens.


Author: Jill Stewart

I am a 37 -year-old woman from Arkansas who is happily married to a Scottish immigrant aka “the hubby” “the hubs” or if I am calling him directly “YO YOU!” We’ve been married for 3 years and it’s been a crazy ride, and unfortunately our finances have been beat to death in the last few years. We have two dogs and a cat, no kids. The Blog- What’ll you find: Financial Information as we try to become debt free My attempts at working and trying to maintain a home to the standards I like My adventures in learning how to sew Arts and craft projects Funny tidbits from my life including living with a Scottish person, the dogs, and other oddball things that happen to me. What you won’t find: Much on children. I don’t have kids and I can’t have kids. Recipes- I don’t mind cooking, but unless it’s something really special, don’t come here looking for the weekly recipe! You won’t find it- unless you ask my husband. If you’re interested in what you see, please follow me on Facebook or sign up for emails! Most of all, leave a comment or ask a question! I am always happy to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “The “news”. What a lie.

  1. Amen. Last night even, I wrote a blog about datingish’s own inability to fact check and that they published something that was a complete misrepresentation of the facts. Do they care that the facts were wrong? No. They care that they get readers. End of story.It’s always about the bottom line: money.

  2. I haven’t trusted mainstream media for years. I gave up on them when reporters stopped reporting what was there and started speculating about what might have happened and “interviewing people with statements poorly disguised as questions that had only one correct answer if you want to keep going with the interview. CNN is the worst.

  3. Exactly why I haven’t picked up a newspaper or flipped on the news station in several years….

  4. Sorry you are going through this. I don’t watch the news either anymore, so I am embarrassed to say I don’t even know what story you are talking about.  I could google it I guess.  I started getting jaded about the time the reporters started branding themselves by repeating their name over and over “this is so and so reporting… who cares? just give us the facts.  I am with you @saintvi – I hate the speculation or worse, what COULD have happened but didn’t.  Jeeze.

  5. @MarksBeneathTheSkin – Was it something that was written by a blogger?  I doubt they would take the time to check facts.  This is blogging not the news! 😉@saintvi – I haven’t always trusted them, but I had no idea how bad it really was until now.@Darn_it_danube – And exactly why I won’t in the future…although I will probably still read it online.@storyslut – I am not going through this so much as my co-worker.  My heart really goes out to her.  Hopefully, no offense, you won’t figure out what story I am referring to 😉 .

  6. @Southernlass – But blogging about news and  misrepresenting all the facts is another thing, especially for a datingish site who “edits” for clarification. It would be one thing if the blog was about a personal event, but a blog about a news article, and then even linking to the news article, that completely contradicts the blog itself is just nonsense. 

  7. Unfortunately, there’s just forces at work in the world we cannot control, like the news for instance…

  8. Everything should really be taken with a grain of salt. Not too many people realize that especially with things that are supposed to be factual like the news.I hope things calm down a bit for you all soon!

  9. sometimes reporters will do that.  They’ll print a story without getting the other side of it.  People like that should not be writers and newspapers that would print one sided stories need to be put out of business.

  10. My dear Southern lass,Actually on 9/11 my wife -she was then very weak and sitting in front of the TV–told me casually–casually–that a plane had gone into one ofthe WTC towers.I am used to her magpie chat and so didnt take it seriously enough.This monkeyism alone cost the Muslims of this world more than 75000 visas.Made them persona non grata in many countries including India.If they are suspected in the West –all nations– today well,I think they bought it through their own actions. Red about the RapeWave in Britain?they are gangraping many innocent UK girls and then disappearing to some other place.None else is to blame .you see dear they are brainwashed into thinking that they are persecuted whereas they arent.Then they feel like destroying their own fosternation!Probably the imams are behind it.

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