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Hint for Kara…

My favorite hair stylist in the world…


We already know my Southern roots are loved…





Man I have some photogenic pets!

I do!  I have some very photogenic pets.  I mean look at Paris for instance

Kitty 010

Even when she is pissy she’s pretty.

Cat Play 001

I mean have you ever seen a cat with seafoam green eyes and a perfect pink nose?


Who doesn’t mind my sitting 5 feet away from her while I snap pictures left and right because she is in the perfect light to make an amazing photo.

Then we have Sydney.


If she was a pure bred dog she would have made the best show dog ever.  She always has that tail up and never misses a thing.

Mater, Daniel, and Toltec 041

She can just lasy there and stare at you with her amber colored eyes and melt your heart.


Then every once in awhile you get that lifetime shot of her you doubt you will ever see again.


Then there is Ontaria.  From the time she was a puppy she has had endless patience with my camera in her face.  Even when she is sleepy and has a big tumor on her neck (it’s been removed).

Dogs 022

Even as she ages (all that grey!!! 😦 ) She takes time out of her life to let me take photos!

And then…


Then there is Chad.


Every once in a great blue moon you’ll get a decent photo of Chad.  Of course he is a ninja master and doesn’t like his photos taken very often.

But most of his photos look like this


and this

Nephews at G-pas and the dogs 065

or this

NOt good enough

I mean seriously.  Have you ever tried to take a picture of a black ninja cat?  Well…3 out of 4 isn’t bad!


How to be a redneck

I’ve never developed a particular taste for beer or wine.  Some people think it is a horrid thing that I have been unable to develop a taste for those beverages.  I am willing to admit when it comes to my liquor consumption I either drink like a man or like the most frou-frou girl on the planet.  Translation:  I drink what I call “bitch beer” or I drink hard liquor.  Bitch beer is liquor of the wine cooler variety and by hard liquor I usually means Appleton’s rum with Dr. Pepper.

However, there are other people in my life who have developed a taste for wine, and that becomes a problem in my house.  You see…I don’t have corkscrews.  Well, I did have a corkscrew, but a certain redhead borrowed it, then broke it, and then I didn’t have a corkscrew again.

When you happen to have said red head come over with a bottle of wine and there is no cork screw you must make certain exceptions to allow that person to open her wine bottles.

How to be a redneck1

Yeah, that’s a drill.  My NEW drill that my Dad and Grandpa sent to me so that I would have tools to fix the house.  TO FIX THE HOUSE, not as a corkscrew.

How to be a redneck 3

But some certain redhead I know REALLY wanted into that bottle of wine.  She begged and pleaded.  She actually made me get the drill.

How to be a redneck 2

And then we actually used it to open a bottle of wine….twice.  Since then she bought a new corkscrew for me, but we will always know that in a pinch we can go all redneck and get the power tools.


Immigration…to tell or not to tell.

Datingish had this article on their site recently.  My answer to this story was “Call Immigration.  Problem solved.”

I found it quite humorous that someone actually took exception to it.  Someone thought I was just horrible for not “understanding the situation”.  For those of you who haven’t read the article here is a synopsis:

Girl doesn’t love her boyfriend.

Girl is too chicken to tell him.

Girl has cheated on him.

He has been abusive to her pet.

He sleeps in her car.

He doesn’t work.

He has threatened suicide if she breaks up with him.

He is in the United States ILLEGALLY.

Alright, this young woman has done nothing morally correct in her situation with this man.  She has broken the law by harboring an illegal immigrant into the country.  She has done nothing but be dishonest and lie throughout the entire situation.  He on the only hand seems to prove that he is mentally unstable with his animal abuse and threats of suicide.

Why would you NOT call immigration?

There is a very long and detailed process to get someone into this country through immigration.  It requires tons of paperwork and around $2,000 to get an immigrant into this country and that is IF they are family.  You have to show you can support these immigrants by living above the poverty level.  The process takes at least 2 years to finalize and that is for family.  This does not include everyday people in other countries who just want to change their lives.

The people who want into the country have to have medical examinations.  They have to prove their intentions.  They have to wait an undetermined amount of time to be approved, and yet this guy sneaks his way into the country, he’s obviously mentally unstable, and people argue that his illegal immigration status is not the “problem”.  While I agree that the original poster has a problem with lying and dishonesty, in my opinion, the best thing she can do to remedy this situation is report him.  Report him before he hurts someone who is here legally and who has a right to be here.


If you were sure you knew an illegal immigrant would you report that person?