Straight out of the camera


I went on a photo expedition today with the roomie and our company.  These are some of the photos I took today.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Mater, Daniel, and Toltec 200

These are roots from a bald cypress tree.

Mater, Daniel, and Toltec 205

That is one of the bald cypress trees in the water.

Mater, Daniel, and Toltec 210

I actually was able to grab some nice fall foliage.

Mater, Daniel, and Toltec 190

The moon above Toltec Mounds.

Mater, Daniel, and Toltec 199

This one is my favorite shot!

Author: Jill Stewart

I am a 37 -year-old woman from Arkansas who is happily married to a Scottish immigrant aka “the hubby” “the hubs” or if I am calling him directly “YO YOU!” We’ve been married for 3 years and it’s been a crazy ride, and unfortunately our finances have been beat to death in the last few years. We have two dogs and a cat, no kids. The Blog- What’ll you find: Financial Information as we try to become debt free My attempts at working and trying to maintain a home to the standards I like My adventures in learning how to sew Arts and craft projects Funny tidbits from my life including living with a Scottish person, the dogs, and other oddball things that happen to me. What you won’t find: Much on children. I don’t have kids and I can’t have kids. Recipes- I don’t mind cooking, but unless it’s something really special, don’t come here looking for the weekly recipe! You won’t find it- unless you ask my husband. If you’re interested in what you see, please follow me on Facebook or sign up for emails! Most of all, leave a comment or ask a question! I am always happy to hear from you!

15 thoughts on “Straight out of the camera

  1. oh i love pics of foliage : )

  2. I love the mounds…. I can imagine a telly tubby walking over the top.x

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s winter here already. Michael

  4. These are really beautiful, Jilly.   Thanks for sharing them!

  5. wow…you have some really nice shots!! way to go!

  6. Those are gorgeous. Wow. 🙂

  7. Those are really great pictures. Are those trees in the first one?

  8. @Blue__Summer – @TheCheshireGrins – @smiling_spunk – @LyraSky – @barbaradesmond – @lizheartshakespeare – @niez_cho – @wherever_we_go – @ETCACTOR – Thanks I am really happy you all like them!  It’s the first time I have had time to take photos in awhile, and to get such nice shots unedited made me extremely happy!The first picture is of roots from the bald cypress!

  9. Great pics! They make my heart hurt for a real fall, Phoenix is not luxury to those.

  10. I am more in love with AR now 😉 Would I be able to see Toltec Mounds when I am in AR?Thanks for sharing the pictures, Jill. I miss you!

  11. Yes! I like that last one, too. It’s pretty the way you framed the water with the trees.

  12. wonderful!

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