Tim, Kara, and the shocker…


Tonight we gathered at Tim and Kara’s house to have a little get together for my brother’s birthday.  Kara requested I take their photo together since they don’t have any recent ones.  Unfortunately, my brother now thinks I will be deterred from taking his photo because he likes to throw the shocker in there…


See?  Such a cute photo of a cute couple.


Until Kara notices what my brother is doing and the disgust sets in…


The she gives Tim the well deserved smack and shove away


She quickly forgives him though, maybe because it’s his birthday.


And I find a photo I am happy I took for them.


Tim and Kara.  June 20, 2008.

Author: Jill Stewart

I am a 37 -year-old woman from Arkansas who is happily married to a Scottish immigrant aka “the hubby” “the hubs” or if I am calling him directly “YO YOU!” We’ve been married for 3 years and it’s been a crazy ride, and unfortunately our finances have been beat to death in the last few years. We have two dogs and a cat, no kids. The Blog- What’ll you find: Financial Information as we try to become debt free My attempts at working and trying to maintain a home to the standards I like My adventures in learning how to sew Arts and craft projects Funny tidbits from my life including living with a Scottish person, the dogs, and other oddball things that happen to me. What you won’t find: Much on children. I don’t have kids and I can’t have kids. Recipes- I don’t mind cooking, but unless it’s something really special, don’t come here looking for the weekly recipe! You won’t find it- unless you ask my husband. If you’re interested in what you see, please follow me on Facebook or sign up for emails! Most of all, leave a comment or ask a question! I am always happy to hear from you!

21 thoughts on “Tim, Kara, and the shocker…

  1. So cute. i love priceless moments

  2. Haha! Shocker! But I love the sweetness between them.

  3. @Consenttotreatment – Thanks.  They are a lot of fun to be around!@FreeeVerse – They are sweet, when he is not being an ornery boogerhead.

  4. long live the shocker.

  5. @digood1974 – Oh dear, don’t encourage it!

  6. too funny but ROFLMBO I would SOOO photo shop it!!!! Let you Imaginenaynay free raine ..well mmmmooostly LOL

  7. haha… those pictures are really sweet =)

  8. I thought he was missing part of his finger at first. 

  9. and what is so shocking about that???   she changed her hair color since the last photo you posted of them.it IS his birthday so does he not get to do anything he wants?   lolnice looking couple.  they will laugh a long time about those photos.   you are a good big sister.

  10. @jodi_elf – I thought so!@Made2sing4Jesus – Eh?@sigma_C_eq – I love the last one 🙂@awth44 – LOL!!!@buddy71 – She is in cosmotology school.  Her hair color changes quite a bit 🙂  It’s actually red, but the room was pretty dark, and it’s kind of hard to tell in these photos.

  11. @sarahsD – Oh no…I was afraid someone here wouldn’t get it.  The Shocker.  And now you can say we’ve officially traded slang. ><

  12. I was seeing him being goofy in  the first shot..I thought you could be silly w PS LOL I have 3 brothers …I was being a goofball.

  13. Cute photos. The first is especially adorable.

  14. Ha!  He’s so funny!  Hope he had a good birthday!*sparkle

  15. LOL that’s awesome! They look great together!

  16. he needs one of thesehttp://www.bigshocker.com/

  17. so, he really isn’t missing part of his finger?  oh, the SHOCKER…. hee hee hee

  18. @Southernlass – well you shoulda had a wager that, that somebody would have been me lol!   If there is ever someone who ain’t gonna get it, you can wager it will be me.I have NEVER seen or heard of that … I just asked (and showed) my husband and he hadn’t either.Maybe its not an Australian thingAnyway…. thanks for the education lolx

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