Business attire

I have been scrounging through my closet for a bit really trying to dissect my wardrobe into something professional looking.  I want this insurance company to respect that I WANT to have a career and not a job, so I figured there are some things in my wardrobe that need to seriously be updated.

I had a TON of pants, but really very few dress shirts.  The more I dug through the closet the more I became really frustrated with my professional clothing options.  Where I work now we pretty much wear polos and jeans, slacks, or capris.  I started thinking since I had so many pants I could just get a few nice suit jackets and buy a variety of camis to go underneath to shake up the color and such.  What I discovered is every single solitary jacket is butt freaking ugly.

So, I started scouring the internet with the understanding that since I am taking a week off before I start my new job I will have to go to a tailor…yet another drawback to being short.  My sleeves ALWAYS come half way down or over my hands if the clothes are long sleeved.  Anyway, here are some of the items I picked and I am curious to see if you think they are professional enough!

I have a pair of black boots just like those…muhawaaahaaaa, and the dress was on sale for $17.00  Actually, I lied, my heels are higher on my boots!

pink dress

On sale for $11.99


On sale for $39.99, which is more than I would normally pay for a dress, but damn that dress is classy enough for work, but sexy enough for a date!


Double Breasted suits never go out of style, and these were on sale…the whole suit is less than the price of one butt ugly jacket.  I am getting 1 in Black and 1 in chocolate.  I also love the damn pin stripes in this suit, but, I must go as mix and match as possible.  *pout*


And last, I am getting this one in Navy.  It was $34.99…Thank you for clearance items.  *kisses the order screen*

navy suit

So, grand total for 3 full suits and 3 dresses is under $200.00.  I think that is a pretty damn good deal.  I still need to go buy a few pairs of shoes too.  I hate shoe shopping….love shoes, hate the shopping.

What do you think?



My Archnemesis revealed…

I am not a person who enjoys horror movies, mostly because I find them quite hilarious.  Oh…you ran up the stairs instead of out of the house and now you’ve been gutted?  Smooth move idiot.  Thank you for dying before you could breed.  That is what natural selection is all about.  I digress, few things in this world truly scare me.

Garden Gnomes


They are freaky and most of the time they have some maniacal grin on their faces that makes you think they will sneak into your bedroom at night and kill you.  They have hammers and pickaxes for crying out loud, it’s a little scary.  There are no garden gnomes in my yard, but there is a collection of fairies.

But, the big one, the thing that honestly scares the ever living shit out of me is the wolf spider.


Do you see that?  The dang things carry their babies around on their backs.  (*starts itching all over just from looking at the photo*)  YUCK YUCK YUCK.  There is a good reason for this fear, and I am going to share that trauma with you.

Picture this scene.  A 3 year old little girl, with her brown curly hair in pigtails.  She’s riding her tricycle around in the house, and there is a sudden movement on the floor.  The little girl sees a BIG spider.  She knows her mom doesn’t like spiders, so like any good 3 year old who wants to protect her mother, what does she do?  She runs over it with her tricycle.  Then all hell breaks loose.

It would seem at the age of 3 I ran over a wolf spider.  That means the babies were not too happy about their mother getting her ass squished by a tricycle, and they panicked and ran off of her.  It looked like someone spilled a pepper shaker on the living room floor.  If memory serves me correctly, I am pretty sure I literally screamed, ran, and climbed UP my mother’s leg.

Fast forward 22 years.  I am on Drunk Neighbor Dave’s carport hanging out and talking with a few mutual buddies of ours.  I am actually telling them this story about my 3 year old spider sadism when I see a spider tattoo on Dave’s ankle.  I looked at him and asked if he let the kids put a temporary tattoo on him.  He looked at me like I was stupid and then freaked out when I pointed to the LIVE spider on his leg.

I would have just laughed that one off, except someone found it amusing to hit the spider with a thrown shoe.  Guess what happened?

I am sure no one has ever seen a fat chick run that fast across the street, into her house, who refused to come back over again.

I get PWNED by spiders!


*Does the Carlton Dance*

Carlton Dance Linkage if you don’t know what it is…

I got the job!

*dances like a spazoid*

It pays more money

*Fails around like a rave kid on X*

I am haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppppppy!!!!

Roomie stuff is working out.

I am gaming tonight and piss on anything else that needs to be done!

Tonight is a celebration night…and I just said I am going to spend it gaming.  I’m a dork.  It’s official.


The Warning Labels of Life

While reading the newest post from sarahsD, I was recently reminded of a post I have contemplated for some time.  It’s all about danger.

Our entire childhood is filled with our parents saying NO, don’t touch that, it will hurt, or YOU ARE GOING TO CRACK YOUR HEAD OPEN IF YOU DON’T STOP JUMPING ON THE BED!!!!  Don’t eat that DON’T DON’T DON’T!!!!

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Kara Kara bo Bara Banannafanna fofera, me my mo mara…KARA!

She’s FUN!!!

She’s a redhead!


She knows how to party like a Rock Star!


And….her blog is still empty because her PC locks up when she tries to post!

She also dances on the flightline in Iraq in her full flight gear.  Quite hilarious:


Start the video at 2:35 unless you want to look at photos of a bunch of random soldiers…including my brother and Kara!  And my brother is running from the squirt gun bandit…AKA Chuck, his brother from another mother.