The Top 10 list!


For those of you who have diligently read lately, you know I loooove making my 10 reasons why this is great or sucks posts.  I was wondering if you would help me out by giving me some new top 10 list suggestions.  Here are some that I am thinking about in the future:

Top 10:

Reasons why pirates are better than ninjas

Reasons why men should learn to be romantic.

and I am stuck.




Author: Jill Stewart

I am a 37 -year-old woman from Arkansas who is happily married to a Scottish immigrant aka “the hubby” “the hubs” or if I am calling him directly “YO YOU!” We’ve been married for 3 years and it’s been a crazy ride, and unfortunately our finances have been beat to death in the last few years. We have two dogs and a cat, no kids. The Blog- What’ll you find: Financial Information as we try to become debt free My attempts at working and trying to maintain a home to the standards I like My adventures in learning how to sew Arts and craft projects Funny tidbits from my life including living with a Scottish person, the dogs, and other oddball things that happen to me. What you won’t find: Much on children. I don’t have kids and I can’t have kids. Recipes- I don’t mind cooking, but unless it’s something really special, don’t come here looking for the weekly recipe! You won’t find it- unless you ask my husband. If you’re interested in what you see, please follow me on Facebook or sign up for emails! Most of all, leave a comment or ask a question! I am always happy to hear from you!

29 thoughts on “The Top 10 list!

  1. Okay, I love pirates too. I do. But ninjas are better than pirates so I’ll suggest that list. Top ten reasons people should read more (seriously folks, I have a full time job and 4 kids. If I can find time to read, so can you! sorry  . . .   soapbox issue coming out)Top ten moments in your lifeTop ten worst ways to break up with someone

  2. eye patch, gold teeth, talking parrot, treasure, pirate code… orlando bloom?

  3. Top ten reasons you dont want coons in your attic!  Just kidding!Okay, how about,Top Ten:reasons dogs are better than cats or vice versa.reasons morning DJ’s suck.reasons summer is better than winter.reasons chocolate can replace just about any man.How are those?  

  4. top ten ways to pick your nose in public without embarassing yourselftop ten places to sleep on campustop ten stupid things people do for Guiness book of recordstop ten david letterman top tenstop ten excuses for failing driver’s test

  5. Pirates better than ninja’s?  hmmm… Pirates have a crew and a ship…and pirate ships are cool. (at least the golden age of pirates…)uhm  ways for men to be more romantic? – (little or no cost effort) – leaving little notes of appreciation to their woman.   – sending flowers to them on occassion (but not just for an occassion). – uhm….making dinner and if one has kids…making arrangements for kids to be outta house while said dinner is to be eaten. – cleaning the house up, and preparing the bathtub for when she gets home (candles a plus, along with some relaxing music and a magazine).The above are just a few.

  6. top ten worst female singerstop ten worst male singerstop ten cheesiest movie linetop ten bushismstop ten reasons to mow the lawn

  7. Top Ten Birth Control Methods…And Number 1 is laughter. Seriously, when he whips it out just point and laugh

  8. i agree with beth. pirates are inferior to 10 reasons to be nice to midgets

  9. @lyricsninja – Well, since Beth is family, and I can say she is wrong, you have no leg to stand on!@ihsankhairir – mmmmmm Orlando

  10. @bosefius – Happen to you a lot does it? 😉

  11. @bosefius – I think I ❤ your wife!

  12. I want to see the romantic guy one! That’s great. I’ll suggest top ten cheap wines you can buy under $10 that a hobo would not even drink. That maybe difficult.

  13. Top ten conversation killers.  ie “we need to talk.”Top ten reasons why girls/women rockTop ten best date ideasTop ten reasons not to date your best friend

  14. @Southernlass – Yeah, I think I will keep her around another 10, 20 years…

  15. While pirates are cool and have cannons and boats and stuff, they’re too busy being all piratey to notice the stealthy ninjas that come and kill them.  So ninjas are superior. 

  16. These are good people!  Very good!  I’ll work on a few of them soon!

  17. Top Ten Evil People of Xanga

  18. @tinahawt – Hmmm, I dunno if I can do that one, unless by evil, you mean in a funny cute kind of way.  I don’t want to talk bad about other people here :/

  19. @Southernlass – Evil in a cute way 😉  Evil can be pretty cute.

  20. @tinahawt – OK, I will have to think about that one then!

  21. top ten reasons to live in the South!top ten reasons to stay single!

  22. @Blue_ButterflyBaby – OOOOO good ones!  I’ll do those for sure!

  23. @Blue_ButterflyBaby – “Top Ten Reasons to live in the South” – I like that one!!!!Top Ten Ways to Ruin Dinner (or any other meal)Top Ten Reasons to Avoid McDonald’s like the PlagueTop Ten Worst Kinds of Animals to Infest your Farm (My student Janath has an Uncle in Sri Lanka that’d have the #1 spot).Top Ten Ways to Compliment Flight Attendants while TravelingTop Ten Books you Never Want to Read

  24. 1. top ten reasons ninjas pawn pirates.2. top ten reasons ninjas rape pirate woman for ninjas babies because they pawn pirates.3. top ten reasons pirates cant look ninjas directly in the eyes cuz they suxor.hahahahahahaha

  25. Top Ten Reasons Why I bother making my bed every morning.Yeah, corny, but seems like I ask myself this question every day.Hugs and have a great weekend.

  26. @digood1974 – I will not make a list of lies lies LIES!!!!!!

  27. @StephanieMarie7891 – Crazy difficult for me especially since I don’t normally care for wine…unless it’s from Italy because that stuff is just amazing.

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