Crick in the neck remedy

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I am finally at a point where I can sit at a computer and type for a decent amount of time.  It seems that during my sleep the other night I folded my arm BEHIND MY HEAD.  It would also seem that your muscles in your neck and upper back do not appreciate this amazing feat of limberness (is that a word?), and protest.  Those muscles will protest for DAYS on end over this.

Today, I finally sucked it up and went to Wal-Mart to try and buy something to fix this issue.  I have been taking muscle relaxers and pain killers for days, and while it helped, the problem was NOT going away.  I decided that Icey Hot and a heating pad was going to be the only way to solve this problem, but alas I was wrong.

I found something better.

It’s a mud or clay pack.  I don’t remember what it was called, only that it was like $10.00.  You can stick it in the freezer OR put it in the microwave.  It’s a two for one kind of deal, and let me tell you, I am singing it’s praises.  For the first time in days I can turn my head to the left, almost like normal.

I keep thinking about future periods, back aches, and other muscle nonsense that are going to be demolished by this $10.00 item. I am going to nuke this sucker tonight and put it on the spot on my shoulder blade that I cannot get it on while sitting up, and hopefully tomorrow I will be pain free and singing a happy tune when I wake up.

I am still working on the last of the photos from the Scottish Festival.  If I don’t get them up tonight, I will hopefully be able to do it tomorrow!  Hope all is well with the rest of the Xanga world!


Author: Jill Stewart

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One thought on “Crick in the neck remedy

  1. I have slept with my arm behind my head before.  You are so right.  your body will not let you forget it for awhile.

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