Scottish Festival Food!


Lucky for me I have a great friend I met online who is really Scottish…as in born and raised in Scotland who tells me quite often about the food there.  I was prepared for this:


For those who do not know, Haggis is made of mutton (sheep), oatmeal, and various other things thrown in.  Traditionally it was cooked in a sheeps stomach.  It did not come like this:


Canned haggis?  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Then you have those souls in life who are brave enough to try the free samples.  When they are finished they make this face:


Then they tell you it tastes “earthy”.  Earthy?  Like fertilizer?  It smelled like fertilizer.  Honestly, I am not sure if it was made in the traditional manner or not.  I was scared to look in the pot because the thought of boiled sheep stomach makes my gag reflex go into overdrive.

The festival redeemed itself with this:


And these:


And the shortbread I would have taken a picture of….but I ate it all.  Traditional shortbread should fear me!

For now, I fear the haggis.

Author: Jill Stewart

I am a 37 -year-old woman from Arkansas who is happily married to a Scottish immigrant aka “the hubby” “the hubs” or if I am calling him directly “YO YOU!” We’ve been married for 3 years and it’s been a crazy ride, and unfortunately our finances have been beat to death in the last few years. We have two dogs and a cat, no kids. The Blog- What’ll you find: Financial Information as we try to become debt free My attempts at working and trying to maintain a home to the standards I like My adventures in learning how to sew Arts and craft projects Funny tidbits from my life including living with a Scottish person, the dogs, and other oddball things that happen to me. What you won’t find: Much on children. I don’t have kids and I can’t have kids. Recipes- I don’t mind cooking, but unless it’s something really special, don’t come here looking for the weekly recipe! You won’t find it- unless you ask my husband. If you’re interested in what you see, please follow me on Facebook or sign up for emails! Most of all, leave a comment or ask a question! I am always happy to hear from you!

13 thoughts on “Scottish Festival Food!

  1. @happydeviant – Yeah, my stomach was turning flip flops just from making this post.  I don’t know if I can ever try it!

  2. I’m visiting my brother in the UK in a couple of weeks. He mentioned something about Scotland and haggis. It’s the one time I’ve been really happy to have high cholesterol. Mutton is one of the worst things you can eat if you’re watching your cholesterol, so no haggis for me!

  3. Yuuuuck. I doubt I’ll ever be able to try haggis. But I ❤ scones and shortbread!~Misa

  4. Yeah I won’t be trying that either, most likely. lol

  5. Just about every line from So I Married an Ax Murderer just flew through my head. hehe
    I…the thought of haggis bugs me.  I don’t really eat meat, but intestine?  Bleck…
    And mmmm, pastries.

  6. “I just threw up in my mouth a little”… did you get that from Just Like Heaven?
    This was not muffin eating reading material,  ICK!!! LOL

  7. @saintvi – I am told that these days it is not made in a sheeps stomach, but something more like a sausage skin.  I am still not will to try it from some random vendor.
    @DarkAngelKat00 – The shortbread was sooo good!  I don’t care for strawberries, but the scone it was on was alright!
    @Blue__Summer – Yeah I could have shopped at the bread bakery for hours.  Instead I was wise and ran.  Fast.
    @newbie2005 – No, I didn’t get it from a movie.  I actually don’t think I have seen that one.  See…truth is I am a barfer.  If something really grosses me up, odds are I will spew like a geyser.  I can’t help it.  It’s also why I don’t keep leftovers 99% of the time.  If they go bad, I can’t handle the smell to get rid of it. 😦

  8. @newbie2005 – Oh and sorry to ruin your breakfast. 😦 

  9. I was in Scotland back in the early ’80s. I’m sure I didn’t eat any Haggis while there. I think I would’ve remembered THAT. I’m glad you enjoyed the rest of the festival though. This sort of reminds me of a Passover Seder. Some people gag on gefilte fish, but they enjoy the rest of the meal

  10. (okay, not really!)  It sounds too similar to menudo, which is cow stomach lining!  My husband’s family makes it once a year–in six years, I have only tried it once (enough for me, LOL!).  Weird, chewy texture…

  11. @zionlover – I did have a good time there.  These are only a few of the 240+ pictures I took that day.  Granted, not all of them were from the festival.
    @sassykat1213 – OK ew.  SO gross.

  12. I can eat just about anything…but haggis is out of the question. I tried it on several occasions and by many different cooks. It gags me. Earthy is an understatement!

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