Final Photos from the Scottish Festival


The Scottish flag flew high above many of the vendor tents.


This school had some serious Scottish pride.  Even its weathermane held a bagpiper.

I wonder if this is the man who started it all?


OK OK OK.  There were kilts involved.  Women in kilts, babies in kilts, and of course men in kilts.


Doesn’t this guy look like he is giving a lecture before a football game?  It’s just a bag piping competition coach.  It’s ok.  Calm down!


More pipers.


Pipers!  See, this school has a bagpipers competition.  People come from all over the U.S. for it.  I thought it was pretty cool to see group competitors in their own colors and uniforms competiting!


Unlike our sheep herding demonstrator, these guys are wearing socks that ARE the right length!  The bag pipers were in the more modern day traditional formal kilts.  However, there were others in the older traditional style of dressed up.  Incidentally, these are my favorite for some unexplained reason.


The bag on the front is called a sporran.  It is kind of a….ummmm….not that it isn’t manly….but it’s a purse.



See how some of them have daggers stuck in their socks?  There were quite a few weapons roaming around that day!  This photo actually reminded me that this event should be held later in the year…or they should hand out sunglasses for all the manly white legs you see!!!

As the day went on we finally managed to find the sporting events.  I could not for the life of me figure out which event this really was.  The closest thing I could find is that maybe this is a variation of a sheaf toss but without using a pitchfork.  There was a pitchfork in the ground nearby. so maybe this was it.  I don’t know.

The object of the sport is to take a ball on a chain and throw it up and over a bar above your head.  Kind of like pole vaulting, but instead you throw this heavy ball over.  After each successful round the pole is raised.

This guy was getting ready for his toss.  It’s the only reason I took this photo…I swear. (and you shouldn’t look at his arm muscles, because seriously, they are hideous and awful to look at.  Really.)



They actually swing the ball inbetween their legs before they start the upwards toss.


See?  It’s not that different from football except this guy is cheating and wearing stuff under his kilt!  BOOOOOO!!!!!!

Then there is a collective gasp from the crowd as we waited to see if this huge ball went over the pole or landed on his head.


I think he missed.

So, after looking at all of these pictures that I am sure you are tired of by now, I just have one question for you that I saw on a bumper sticker:


Next up in the photo diary:

Why Jeremy and John cannot fly a kite with their mouths closed.  You’ll get the exclusive right here.



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Crick in the neck remedy

I am finally at a point where I can sit at a computer and type for a decent amount of time.  It seems that during my sleep the other night I folded my arm BEHIND MY HEAD.  It would also seem that your muscles in your neck and upper back do not appreciate this amazing feat of limberness (is that a word?), and protest.  Those muscles will protest for DAYS on end over this.

Today, I finally sucked it up and went to Wal-Mart to try and buy something to fix this issue.  I have been taking muscle relaxers and pain killers for days, and while it helped, the problem was NOT going away.  I decided that Icey Hot and a heating pad was going to be the only way to solve this problem, but alas I was wrong.

I found something better.

It’s a mud or clay pack.  I don’t remember what it was called, only that it was like $10.00.  You can stick it in the freezer OR put it in the microwave.  It’s a two for one kind of deal, and let me tell you, I am singing it’s praises.  For the first time in days I can turn my head to the left, almost like normal.

I keep thinking about future periods, back aches, and other muscle nonsense that are going to be demolished by this $10.00 item. I am going to nuke this sucker tonight and put it on the spot on my shoulder blade that I cannot get it on while sitting up, and hopefully tomorrow I will be pain free and singing a happy tune when I wake up.

I am still working on the last of the photos from the Scottish Festival.  If I don’t get them up tonight, I will hopefully be able to do it tomorrow!  Hope all is well with the rest of the Xanga world!



Two thing before I go back to sleep…

1.  A 2 day long crick in the neck hurts like a *^%$$&*&%^%%#$#%!!!!!!  Muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories help *some*.

2.  I think I have some kind of critters getting into my attic.  I am not sure what it is yet, but I am guessing squirrels, birds, or maybe bats.  Any volunteers to go check that out for me?  Please?  I need someone to look…mostly because I can’t turn my head to the left. 😦

And when I said that the image of Zoolander popped into my head.

*hushed whisper*

I…can’t…..turn left.



It’s about to go downhill from here…

I’m sorry in advance I am.  Seriously.  I’m sorry.

I woke up at 8:15 this morning.  On a Saturday.  8:15.  Oh did I say I woke up at 8:15?  Good.

One would hope that when they wake up on a lovely Saturday morning, and they have bird feeders outside for seed eating birds and hummingbirds that perhaps the sounds like would wake you up in the morning would be a numerous amount of bird chirps in some feaux Disney reality.

Instead what I received what an assualt on my senses that was enough to gag a garbage man.  I have a very sensitive nose, even after years of smoking, (fyi quit date is tomorrow YAY!!)  and smells can actually pull me out of bed before an alarm clock could even dream of it.

The culprit:


My 88 lbs. Great Dane.  Now it is one thing when this dog farts…see I told you this was going to go downhill, but it is another thing entirely when she has an “accident”.  An accident really means she didn’t try worth a darn to wake me up and pooped in my floor.

I am laying there in bed thinking “oh crap” no pun intended and seriously trying to distinguish whether or not the smell qualifies as a fart or poo.  I laid there praying to myself that it was a fart.  I slowly opened my eyes and didn’t immediately see any poo, so I thought I could go back to sleep.

But the smell lingered.

At that point I knew my dog attacked me AGAIN on a Saturday morning with the poo monster.  I swear she is becoming more regular than a 60 year old man.

I hate it when she does this.  There is just something wrong about picking up poop that is larger than human sized but doesn’t qualify for a shovel.  What’s worse?  As she has gotten older she has started WALKING AROUND while she poops.  It’s not in a tidy little poo pile…Oh no.  There are pieces of it all across the room.

My today started with a Wal-Mart bag, a papertowel, and a mop.  How about yours?



Everything you never wanted to know about sheep herding!!!

In another of my many photos I took from the Scottish Festival, I made sure out of all the activities that I saw going on during the day I went to the Sheep Dog Herding “contest” which really ended up being a demonstration.  OK.  I had to learn something that day I guess, so at least it had to do with dogs!  And poo covered sheep…

Can you guess who out of all these people was giving the demonstration?  I might also point out that his socks are not the right height to be worn with a kilt and it bugs the beegeezus out of me!


This sheep looked me right in the eye and said “Lassie, I ain’t bein’ scared o’ no dumb dogs”


Really?  I thought you would have been since she had such an intimidating face!!!  For those who do not know, this is a Border Collie!


Then I had to end the conversation with the sheep because it ran off.  I mean, it slowly walked away since it wasn’t scared at all *cough*

The demonstration began with the herder basically telling us he has various whistle commands for the dog.  He has to make sure at all times he commands what he wants the dog to do, because it can be very confusing for them when they actually start working.  He explained that at all times the dog will try to keep him at 12 o’clock and she will try to stay at 6 o’clock.  However, there are times where she might move somewhere else if she feels there is potential for the sheep to bolt.


See?  She is in the far left corner and the sheep are in between her and the herder.  She has no problems running them through a quick demo for us.  This is her very rudely forcing them through a gate!


They went through several obstacles before he had her put them back in the pen.


I have to tell you, never in my entire life have a seen a working dog while it was actually WORKING.  There was something about it that was beautiful and amazing all at the same time.  This dog was so SERIOUSLY focused on her task that when the handler intentionally put her in an awkward spot, she had NO PROBLEMS coping with the situation.


This is how serious and intense this dog was working for her owner.


The sheep tried to act like they weren’t scared of her, but they kept doing this:


She just kept at it, and wow it really was a beautiful sight!


I really understood after staring at her why people misunderstand these dogs a lot of the time.  I literally think this dog LIVES for the work she was doing that day.  It’s something I really think everyone should see once in their lifetime!